Today’s School Lesson

Today in my medieval readings course I learned that if you want to sell a house quickly, you should bury St. Joseph upside down in your front yard. Who knew that he was the patron saint of real estate? I’m so glad I’m getting my master’s so I can learn this incredibly valuable information. (In case you’re wondering, this lesson had nothing whatsoever to do with the reading.)

EDIT: Gilmore Girls gossip below! Do NOT read if you don’t want to know about events that take place in the season premiere (which is NEXT Tuesday, yay!)!!!

The following is from my favorite TV scooper, Michael Ausiello, as found in his TV Guide column, Ask Ausiello:

Question: At the risk of angering the Gilmore Girls masses, I like Christopher. Is he actually going to get his chance with Lorelai this time around?— Libby
Ausiello: Cover your eyes, L/L fans. (Yes, he is.) David Sutcliffe was very cagey about the rekindling of Lorelai-Christopher, but I did manage to get him to confirm rumors that they’ll be jetting off to Paris for a romantic rendezvous during November sweeps. But, unfortunately for Sutcliffe, they won’t be going to the real Paris. He says there was a “30-second conversation” about doing a location shoot in France, but saner (i.e., budget-conscious) minds prevailed, and now “Paris is on the backlot of Universal.” BTW, Sutcliffe’s no dummy: He knows the majority of Gilmore fans loathe his character. “It’s a 70/30 split,” he ventures. “I do have my fans, but I have my detractors as well.”

Ahhh! I’m going to be so sad watching the premiere.

For a LOT more scoop, visit (The site also has spoilers for other shows, like LOST and Grey’s Anatomy.)

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