So this whole mono thing? It kind of sucks. I cannot wait for the day that I do not have alternate times of sweating profusely and shivering uncontrollably and can actually walk around without wanting to fall down. Blah.

What makes it even more stressful is that I had my students submit their work online for Friday and today, and it takes forEVER to go through all their emails and check their work and stuff. Plus, I haven’t gotten any reading done because reading for more than 10 minutes makes my head want to explode.

If a country was wanting to unleash a biological weapon, they should use mono. (Not that I’m condoning biological warfare, of course.)

My students are going to be blogging this semester as well, in a class blog on Blogger. I’m rather excited about it, although I don’t think all of them are thrilled with the idea. I bet they will love it at the end of the semester, though!

That’s all for now. I’m still alive, so that’s a plus.

P.S. Why do they keep changing the text editor thingy?

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