Let’s Get a Little More Random

1. Teaching is exhausting, frustrating, rewarding, challenging, and fun.
2. Students should be mindful of what they say while doing group work. I can hear them when they say things like, “Did you read?” “No, did you?” “No, I was too busy.” I’m so giving them a quiz on Friday.
3. I’m ready for fall to be here so I can stop breaking into a sweat the minute I step outside.
4. I will never get used to Tennessee humidity.
5. Stephen is coming on Friday and staying until Monday. It’s the first time we’ve seen each other in three weeks. Could I be any more excited about that? Probably not.
6. Tomorrow is payday. I can eat again!
7. I really really really want to cut my hair, but I’m trying to grow it out so I can do something pretty and fun with it when I get married. I hate having the same hair all the time, though, and of course I keep seeing all of these cute, short hairstyles that make me want to drive immediately to my hair stylist and tell her to chop mine off. I must stay strong!
8. I forgot where my car was parked today, so I spent a good 15-20 minutes wandering around trying to find it. Note to self: remember where you park your car!
9. I want to be done with school. Or at least done with Dickens.
10.Season two of Lost comes out on DVD next Tuesday. I’m definitely buying it, since I’ve become quite the successful half.com seller. Long live e-commerce!

P.S. I just went to MySpace, and on the log-in page there was a band who was categorized as Hardcore / Metal / and Post Hardcore. What in the world is Post Hardcore?

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