Some of my students called me “Professor Hetzel” today, and I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just let them. Hehe. Teaching is fun.

The classroom has improved somewhat, since it appears that someone cleaned out the random piles of boxes that were in one corner (they probably had drugs in them), and the desks are now in rows. I really hate desks in rows, though, and if it weren’t so blasted hot in there, I’d have them move the desks into a semicircle or something more “friendly” like that. The air runs full blast the entire time, but it still feels similar to what I imagine the inside of an oven feels like, which is less than delightful, to say the least. I guess the day that I went to see the classroom it felt cool because it had been vacant all day, the lights were off, and the door was shut. It’s still a completely hideous room, though. I took pictures with my camera phone, but I’m not exactly sure how to transfer them to my computer, so if I figure that out I’ll let you know.

This weekend I get to read their diagnostic essays, and I’ve already skimmed some of them, and they should be quite entertaining. Class dismissed.

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