The Class Must Go On

Today my good buddy Diana and I went to check out the classrooms we’ll be teaching in. I knew where the building I’m in was, but I had never been there. I didn’t expect much because I’ve heard some horror stories about classrooms at UT, but even my low expectations were not met when I saw this room. It’s the most horrible classroom I could ever imagine. Words cannot adequately convey the despair that filled my soul upon seeing this room, the room in which I’m to nurture the minds of 46 freshmen and teach them to love literature and writing. I wish I’d had my camera with me so you could all share in my abject state, but alas, I was without my digital friend. Don’t fear, however; I am sure I will be taking pictures of the room tomorrow before my class begins. The one redeeming quality of the room is that the air conditioner seemed to be working properly, and that is a blessing, as is the fact that the classroom is in close proximity to my “office” (aka dungeon) where I will be holding office hours. It’s bad enough that I am teaching students composition, when I’m pretty sure none of them could care less about it to begin with, but to do so in conditions that are deplorable is even worse. Oh well. I suppose the ugliness of the classroom will only make whatever I do seem even more fun because they won’t have exciting surrounding to distract them. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. We shall see.

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