It’s Really Happening

Today I think I realized that I actually am getting married. Probably because my mom and I went and looked at a wedding venue, and I found a wedding dress!!! It was the first one I tried on, and after trying on about 7 or 8 other ones, I knew the first one was it. I didn’t even intend to try on wedding dresses today; my mom and I just stopped by the store to look at bridesmaid dresses, which we also found. I’m so so excited!! The only people who are going to know what it looks like are my parents and my bridesmaids. I want everyone else to be stunned by my beauty. Hehe.

We loved the wedding venue and are more than likely going to book it, but that means giving up the 7/7/07 date because that date was already taken. The good news is we’re probably moving the date up to early June, which means waiting less time, and I think Stephen and I are all about that. Once we’ve finalized the date and location, you can be sure I’ll post the details on here. We’re still tweaking our wedding site on, but when we get it finished I’ll post a link. (If I can find out what the link is, that is. I can’t seem to figure out how to tell people to get to our page. Jenny, do you know?) And since I’m sure not all of you want to hear *every* detail about my wedding, I’m thinking about starting up another blog that Stephen and I can devote to purely wedding stuff. We’ll see.

I think that’s about all on my end. I’m exhausted! Trying on wedding dresses is draining! (But oh-so fun.)

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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