The Future Mrs. Mount

Well, since you’re all begging to know …Stephen and I are engaged!! We’re getting married! He’s my fiancee! We’re going to spend the rest of our lives together! (I’m a little excited.) Here’s the story:

On Friday Stephen and I made plans to go out to Natchez Trace State Park to celebrate our 3-month anniversary. Well, not five minutes after we got there, it started pouring. We waited for about half an hour to see if the storm would die down, but it didn’t, so we decided to forego our picnic once again (I guess we’re just meant to have a picnic) and head back to Jackson. We arrived back at Stephen’s apartment around 2:30 or so, and we watched an episode of Gilmore Girls before deciding to get dressed up a little bit and have an early dinner (since we never ate our picnic lunch). After we had gotten ready and were about to leave, I remembered that I had to give him his anniversary present. Before I did, though, Stephen said he wanted to give me his present first. I said okay, and he said, “I think you’ll like it a lot because it fits in my pocket.” Of course I was thinking, “Is it a ring?!” and then he pulled out a ring box, and opened it up for me! I was completely stunned! Then he tells me that he’s 100% certain that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and that he loves me. Then he got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife! I’m crying by this time (surprise surprise), but I naturally say yes, and we hug and it was just perfect. He wanted me to be completely surprised, and I was. I had thought he would propose to me when he came up to Knoxville in October for my birthday, but he knew I was expecting it then, so he didn’t want to do it then. I’m so glad he did it earlier! 🙂

For those of you not aware of all the details of mine and Stephen’s relationship, let me provide a little background. Stephen and I knew each other while attending Union, but we didn’t really hang out much; we just had some mutual friends so our social circles crossed occasionally. The last time we even saw each other was about 2 years ago while at a wedding of some friends. Then four months ago, I received a message from Stephen on MySpace (yes, MySpace), and he just said hello and wanted to see what I was up to now. So I wrote him back and filled him in on the basics, he wrote me back, and then we began corresponding on a daily basis, often with multiple emails. We found several shared interests and it wasn’t long before I began to look forward to hearing from him and wanting to know more about him. After almost two weeks of writing, I gave him my phone number, and he called me not long after that. We talked for three hours, and it was the easiest thing in the world! Our phone conversations continued, as did our writing (we each have upwards of 130 pages of emails saved in Word files), and both of us became very interested in pursuing something beyond friendship. After discussing it and praying about it, we began dating with the purpose of seeing if we could envision a future together. I made several trips to Jackson to see him, and he came to Memphis several times to meet my parents and other family members. I also went to Illinois and met a bunch of his family when his grandfather passed away; I was sorry to meet them under such sad circumstances, but it was great to finally meet his family. So far no one in the family seems to think this match is absurd, which is good. 🙂 Our tentative date is set for July 7, 2007 (07/07/07), but some of my friends seem to think we won’t last that long. We’ll see!

As for Stephen, my fiance, I could not have asked for anyone better for me, and I just wanted to share this incredibly exciting–and probably unbelievable to some of you–news and take a minute to praise God for His blessings! He knows how to write great love stories!!!

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