Things I Love (in no particular order)

1. School supplies.
2. Swimming on a hot day.
3. Getting MySpace messages from Stephen.
4. Stephen. đŸ™‚
5. Organizing my desk.
6. The sense of accomplishment that comes after assembling something.
7. Reading something in the Bible and feeling like it was written just for me.
8. A really good shuffle of songs on my iPod.
9. Daisies. Any kind.
10. Pictures.
11. Giggling.
12. Facebook.
13. Blogging.
14. Gel pens, especially pretty colored ones.
15. Target.
16. Clothing sales.
17. Shoes.
18. The smell right before it’s going to rain.
19. Men’s cologne, especially Polo Black.
20. Spending a day in complete contentment.
21. Snuggling.
22. Reading for pleasure.
23. Hammocks. (I wish I had one!)
24. Puppies.
25. Hearing Bailey’s squeaky toy while Stephen and I are on the phone. (It’s very cute.)
26. Listening to music with the windows rolled down.
27. Live music.
28. Chocolate.
29. My teddy bear, Mr. Butterscotch (Stephen gave him to me, and he’s adorable and soft and comforting).
30. Singing.

What do you love?

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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