I feel like I’ve posted this before, but it made me giggle and I currently have fall on the brains since it’s so hot and sticky and gross right now.

You Are Changing Leaves
Pretty, but soon dead.
What Part of Fall Are You?

I’m sad because Lost isn’t coming on tonight. I’ve been watching the reruns of the second season since I didn’t get to see them, and it is what I look forward to every Wednesday. Tonight, however, they are airing the show The One, which looks like an American Idol ripoff. I won’t be watching that, primarily because I’m bitter that it has displaced my dear Lost. Oh well. It’s sad when the highlight of my day is a TV show. I think that says something rather depressing about my current lifestyle. Oh well.

I saw You, Me and Dupree last night with some friends, and I really have no words to describe it. Owen Wilson annoys me, though, so I didn’t expect too much. Confession: I really want to see John Tucker Must Die, despite the fact that advertising for this movie has taken over MySpace. You all can start laughing at me now.

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