Celebrate the Third of July

To celebrate the fourth of July, Stephen and I gathered at the home of our friends Jonathan and Erin in the booming metropolis of Oakland, TN.  (And by “booming metropolis” I mean town where everyone knows your name.  Kind of like Cheers.)  Always looking for ways to be nonconformist, we had our celebration on the third instead.  (Truthfully, we had it on the third because I had planned on going back to Knoxville on the fourth, but I like to think I’m a nonconformist, despite the fact that my keeping a Xanga completely disproves that idea.)  Stephen’s dog Bailey made nice with the Hitts’ new kitten, She Who Has Not Been Named:

Promptly after this picture, kitty hissed at Bailey, which ended the love fest.

Since it was soooo hot, we thought it would be fun to see if we could fry an egg on the pavement, so we went outside and Stephen did the honors.  Here are Stephen and Jonathan after the egg dropped:

 (It was kind of sunny, hence Stephen’s oh-so-cute squinty look.)  Unfortunately, the whole event was rather anticlimactic, since the egg did nothing but splatter on the pavement and run yolk down the drain.  We kept watching it, thinking it just needed a minute or two, but to no avail.  Oh well, it was no MythBusters, but it was fun.  (Had this been a MythBusters challenge, Adam and Jamie would have found a way to make the egg fry, perhaps by torching the pavement to 400 degrees or something nutty like that.) 

After our little experiment that wasn’t, Stephen and I took some pictures because we realized that up until then all of our photos involved us sitting on a couch in front of Stephen’s window.  So we shook it up a bit with some outside shots.  (We’re wild and crazy, I know):

That one’s my favorite.  Stephen’s a goober.

We weren’t really sure when Jon was taking the pictures…

Here’s the Hitt family.  Isn’t their little girl a cutie?

Thus concludes my holiday narrative. I’m back in Knoxville, and I can see myself becoming bored very quickly.  If everyone I knew didn’t have an actual job during the day, perhaps I’d have more fun, but as it is I’m stuck at the apartment by myself.  Honestly though, it’s nice having a little time to myself since I haven’t had that since I’ve been in Memphis.  It’s just slightly dangerous when I’m bored, though, because when I”m bored I go shopping.  Resist, Erin, resist…

On a completely unrelated note, I would just like to say that Stephen is going for the Boyfriend of the Century award. 

I’m 60 hits away from 20,000!  If there was a way to figure out who the 20,000 visitor is, I would give that person a little prize.

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