On the Road Again

Today we got to drive across the Hoover Dam! It was really beautiful, as was Lake Mead. We took several pictures. (So far I’ve taken over 160 pictures on our trip.) I’ve been continually amazed at the splendor of God’s creation as we’ve been experiencing a plethora of different landscapes, and it’s just amazing that He lets us enjoy it all.

We also got to visit the Museum of the Americas at the International Petrified Forest and Dinosaur Park in the lovely, deserted town of Holbrook, Arizona. I’m not sure who thought up this genius idea, but there are just random dinosaurs scattered about the desert terrain, and then the museum had a bunch of artifacts “supposedly” from ancient to modern times. I took pictures of some of the typos found on the placards accompanying the displays, which was fun. (Yes, I’m a grammar snob. Someone has to be.) We got several hilarious photos with the dinosaurs, and I can’t wait to upload them and share them with you all. It was truly worth the $5 we paid to get in.

Tomorrow we’re off for Oklahoma, which I do believe will be our 8th state. We’ve already covered over 2000 miles of the U.S. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? It’s been such a fun trip. I highly recommend a cross-country road trip to anyone. There’s so much that God has created that we haven’t seen!

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