Walking in Vegas

Even though no one apparently cares about my Vegas adventures, I’m updating anyway. I have an illness, clearly.

Highlights from today:

1. Eating New York pizza in the New York New York casino.
2. Playing the slots. We got $15 of free slot play at our hotel, and I came away with a whopping $3.10. Woohoo.
3. Seeing dolphins about two inches away at The Mirage.
4. Seeing white lions and tigers.
5. Seeing said white lions and tigers engage in some Brokeback Lion action. I’m not kidding. (When it started happening, we walked away, but everyone else just took more pictures.)
6. Eating in Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and having one of the best margaritas I’ve ever tasted.
7. Finding fun souvenirs for my family.
8. Buying some pretty jewelry.
9. Spotting two Elvi and seeing Kristin get her picture taken with them.

The negatives:

1. Sex is everywhere. Not literal sex, but sexiness. It’s disgusting. You can’t walk two feet without seeing nearly naked or scantily clad women. This really is Sin City.
2. The Strip is loooong. Our feet are killing us.
3. We wanted to come back to the hotel and go swimming, but the pool closed at 7pm. That’s pretty much the lamest closing time ever.

Overall, it’s been a wonderful, if not tiring day. Tomorrow we head to Albuquerque!

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