No Time to Lose

Well, we’re in Seattle right now, and Kristin and I are sitting around being useless while Emily packs up the last of her things. (We’re at the point where we can’t really be of help because she has certain things to do that we can’t assist her with.) Then tonight we’ll be staying in Cannon Beach, OR, which is apparently incredibly beautiful, and then we’ll head on to San Francisco. We went to Emily’s church this morning, and it was so great to see how much the people there just love her and are genuinely going to miss her. Kristin and I felt kind of bad because we’re excited Emily’s moving to Memphis because it’s a lot closer to us, but we know it was a hard decision for her to make.

When we were driving back to the apartment, Emily said something that’s had me thinking. She said, “I hate that it takes leaving a place to realize how much people love and appreciate you.” That’s really true, you know? When people are faced with losing you, that’s when they tell you how much you mean to them or how much you’ve impacted their lives or how much they’ll miss your laugh, smile, kind heart (fill in the blank with the appropriate trait). Certainly it’s nice to hear that when the time comes, but shouldn’t we be more intentional about letting the people we love know how much we love them on a regular basis, and not just when it seems that they are moving on for another phase in their lives? It’s made me think about how I show my appreciation to the people who matter to me, and to think of ways I can more regularly show that love. There’s something quite reassuring about hearing from my mom, “I love you” whenever we talk, and I hope that I can improve the way that I not only tell but show my loved ones what they mean to me. And considering how fragile and ephemeral life is, I never know when a conversation with a friend will be our last. Not to be morbid of course, but I know I could stand to remember to make each day count and take nothing for granted. That’s how I want to live. That’s how I want to love.

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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