I’m Tired of Titles

Well, apparently my four votes for Katharine weren’t enough to beat Taylor. Oh well. They will probably both fade into oblivion within two years or so because honestly, the only Idol who seems to have true staying power is Kelly Clarkson.

I’m back in K-town. The drive was nice, mostly because I was excited to be by myself. I enjoyed my time at home immensely, and I’m so glad I got to see all the people I did, but this introvert needs time to recharge, and it’s hard doing that when I’m hardly ever alone. Last night my dad came to hug me goodbye, and at the time I wondered why my mom wasn’t doing the same, but I was on the phone at the time and didn’t give it much thought. Then today my mom calls and asks me why I didn’t come and remind her that I was leaving. I guess I thought dad’s coming into my room to tell me bye would remind her and that he would at least mention that he said goodbye, but I guess not.

Not too soon after I got back, I went to see Thank You for Smoking with some gals. It is a rather obscure but nevertheless hilarious satire of lobbyists, particularly lobbyists for tobacco companies. The satire was incredibly blatant, but then the same can be said of American Dreamz, and I think it works on both counts.

I seem to have lost my mom’s Mother’s Day present. When I got to Memphis and couldn’t find it in my things, I thought I had left it here, but now I’m here and I can’t find it, so if anyone comes across a picture of me in a frame, send it to my mom. Thanks so much.

Off to finish unpacking all my junk. No matter how many times I have gone home, I still manage to bring way too much stuff.

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