Green Monster

I’ve decided I should have bought a green car. That way all of the pollen would just blend into my car’s natural color instead of covering it with an annoying layer of what I call the “Green Monster.” I don’t care how many times I wash my car, within an hour the Green Monster is back. It’s driving me crazy. I’m certainly not a neat freak when it comes to my car, but I hate it when the Green Monster continuously besmirches my beautiful Chestnut Cruiser (yes, that is my car’s name) despite my repeated attempts to drown it. Is there no justice in the world? How can we take a stand against the Green Monster’s evil schemes?

The final Idol showdown is tonight. I still can’t decide who I want to win. Chris, come back!

Yeah, Taylor is going to win it. I still think I like Katharine better (yes, JB, despite what you say is “scandalous” dress). I think she is a better singer, and I think she has a broader appeal than Taylor will in the long run. But they’ll both get contracts, so I guess it doesn’t matter too much. I voted for Katharine, though.

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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