The Crazy Days of Summer

EDIT: Ahhh, I’m so distraught. Everwood is not coming back next season, but 7th Heaven might, and One Tree Hill definitely is. Are these people out of their ever-lovin’ minds???

I’m in very high demand all of a sudden. It’s kind of wearing me out. It’s been wonderful to see friends I haven’t seen in a while and to catch up on their lives, but I haven’t even seen my parents since I’ve been home, except for on Sunday. I think it kind of hurts their feelings, but I’m in a weird situation because I’m only going to be at home through next Wednesday, and I have a lot of people to see before then. Last night when I was at home for 30 minutes in between “appointments” with friends, I told my mom I had nothing planned on Saturday, and she was like, “Oh gee, one whole day, huh?” I’m not trying to ignore them or anything, and I don’t want them to feel like I don’t want to see them. Usually when I come home, I don’t do anything, and I hang out with them the whole time, and so maybe that’s why they’re kind of baffled by this sudden spurt of activity. And I guess in some way I take them for granted, that they’ll always be there, but I’m not guaranteed that, and I should keep that in mind.

Enough of that depressing stuff: I get to see Stephen tomorrow! I’m cooking him lunch and then we’re going to the zoo and then he’s having dinner with my parents. (Da da DUN. Haha.) It should be really fun because my parents are the least intimidating people ever. (And having dinner with them will make me feel less like I’m neglecting them.)

Today I’m with my friend Lindsay, and we’re going to go see Just My Luck, which is sure to be completely lame, but hey, that’s what makes it fun, right? We’ll also make a trip to see our friends Old Navy and Bed Bath & Beyond, where I will just drool on everything since I can’t really buy anything right now. (Oh, and Julie, don’t feel bad for talking about how “late” 11 pm is because last night Lindsay and I watched Forces of Nature, and I’m pretty sure I only made it through the first 30 minutes. We started it around 11.)

Rats, I just remembered that I’m going to Union’s graduation on Saturday. Oops. I need two of me, just for a week. Maybe that can be arranged…

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