The Picnic That Wasn’t

I didn’t have my picnic today. But don’t worry, I still had my date. (Did I psyche you out? Even if I didn’t, humor me.) When I got to Jackson at 11 this morning, it was really chilly and rather overcast, so we opted for an indoor picnic in case it decided to rain. Our choosing to remain inside of course meant that it didn’t rain, but it was probably better because I would have been cold the whole time, and it’s no fun to have chattering teeth while on a date. (I’m going to see how many times I can use the word “date” in this post.) Anyway, Stephen prepared some barbeque for us to eat, along with Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips (my favorite), Cherry Coke (my favorite), and turtle cheesecake (my favorite). Is he thoughtful or what? After that, we played a few rounds of Scattergories, and I pulverized him. (I’ve never lost a game of Scattergories, so Stephen gets bonus points just for being brave enough to play with me.) Then we went to see Mission: Impossible III, which was fun. It’s certainly not going to win any awards, but it was entertaining. I wish Keri Russell had been in more of it; I really like her. We then returned to Stephen’s apartment, where we watched Seinfeld and just hung out until he had to go to work at 7. (He’s working crappy hours at the library this week because it’s finals week and the library has extended hours.) We were together for 8 hours, but it went by much too quickly, and we’re already counting down the hours until Thursday. (60 something, I do believe.) It was the best date ever with the best date ever. I’m incredibly happy, incredibly giddy, and incredibly blessed.

This is going to be a great summer.

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