Muffin Mayhem

This is not going to be a good morning. I was just trying to make some muffins because I’m starving and haven’t eaten anything since yesterday around 7. As I was stirring the batter, somehow I managed to fling the mixing bowl out of my hands, and the batter went all over the floor, the counter, and my clothes. I haven’t made such a mess in a long, long time. So now not only am I hungry, I have no muffins with which to satisfy my hunger.

And still no finished paper. This is the worst time I’ve ever had writing a paper. I just don’t care. Not one bit. Of course, I’ll care when I get my big fat grade of “F,” but right now I’m somewhat detached from that possibility.

All of this, and yet I’m still happy. You know why? Reciprocation of feelings is a beautiful, wonderful thing.

EDIT: I finished! 8 pages! I think I spent more time goofing around than doing work because once I actually started to seriously work on it, it came pretty quickly. The last page was hard because I was running out of things to say, but I managed to find something. I don’t think it’s any good, but at this point I don’t really care! One less thing to worry about!

I’m living for May 15.

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