Always Do Your Research

I went to the Ben Folds concert last night, and I have to say, I’m no longer a fan. I knew a handful of his songs, and apparently the ones I knew were the only ones not laden with profanity. I can handle the occasional word here and there, but every other word? To me that’s when it starts becoming unnecessary and superfluous. And his bass guitarist did one song where pretty much the only lyrics were “F— you.” Lovely display of lyrical creativity. Let this be a lesson to me not to go to a concert without knowing what to expect. At least it was free.

I have a paper due Monday, and it does not want to be written. It’s floating around in my head, refusing to be tied down and typed into being. Incorrigible words! When I have writer’s block, I clean. So I cleaned my room, vacuumed the apartment, and cleaned the bathroom. It’s nice that everything’s clean, but still no paper. I’m convinced more every day that getting my PhD would only be my undoing.

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