About Me

I’m always… hopeful and slightly goofy.
I love saying… “Rats” or “What in the world?!”
I think flowers are… poetic and happy and lovely
My favorite Beatles song is… Eleanor Rigby
My parents are… wonderful examples of what a godly marriage looks like.
I hate… it when people don’t use their turn signals, leave their cell phones on in movies, or getting stuck in traffic.
I love… dolphins, purple, talking on the phone to a certain someone, reading for pleasure and not for class.
I was born… in October. The best month ever!
Sometimes I try too hard… to please everyone and make them like me. I also try to hard to appear perfect, which of course is ridiculous.
I work well on things… when I am able to work at my own pace and on my own schedule. I detest group projects. (Stef, so many of our answers are similar, shockingly enough!)
My childhood was… very happy and typical and positive.
My high school was… rather large, loud, and full of people who annoyed me.
I love to read books about… Christianity or mysteries or love stories.
I’m addicted to… my iPod, Gilmore Girls, and Xanga.
I drink too much… diet pepsi.
My earliest memory is… the first day of kindergarten.
The last place I went on vacation was… Atlanta!
I want to live closer to… a certain someone.
The President is… not very popular right now.
Kids can be… adorable, high maintenance, and sometimes spoiled rotten.
Kids were mean to me when they.. called me “four eyes,” made fun of my weight, or picked me last on the playground.
I despise it when… people are inconsiderate or my friends forget my birthday.
If I could go anywhere it would be… Italy.
Malls are a really fun place to… go and people watch and shop by myself. I don’t like shopping with other people if I’m in the mood to actually buy things.
I had fun when… I was in Atlanta with my gals.
I thought it was hilarious when… we found a penny in our toilet in Atlanta.
I love my friends even though they… don’t always return my phone calls.
Life is… wonderful. A gift.
I love the TV show… do I even need to say it?
I don’t get enough time to… read for pleasure or hang out with my friends.
One of the nicest things someone has done for me is… throw me a surprise party for my 21st birthday. (Seriously, Stef, this is crazy!)
When no one’s around, I really like to… sing and act like a dancing idiot.
If you want to see me go crazy, you should talk to me about…. grammar.
If I had a million dollars… I’d go to Italy, take a trip around the world, buy my brother a house, and buy every book I ever wanted.
My dream college would be… the one I went to, Union dearest Union.
My dream job would be… something involving people and books and learning. Or writing. Or singing. Or taking care of dolphins.
I want someone to… sweep me off my feet and love me forever.
I hope… I survive the rest of this semester and have an amazing summer.
I would like… to be married, to be happy with my job and my life.
I dream about… very random things.
I have nightmares … rarely, and usually only if I’ve watched a movie that freaked me out.
In 5 years, I want to… be married and be happy. I know at least one of those will be true.

I have no more classes! Woohoo! All I have left is a 10-page paper, a 25-page paper, and a 5-7-page paper. Wow, that’s still kind of a lot. Hmm.

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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