This weekend in Atlanta we went to this fun little shop that had a very ecclectic style, and they had these decks of cards that were things like “52 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta” or “52 Reasons to Be Happy,” and they had one called “52 Great Cheap Dates.” For some reason, I bought those cards because I figured that were the time to come that I actually had a boyfriend, at least we’d have some stuff to do. Well, I was going through some of them earlier today, and the front of the package should have said something like “52 Great Cheap Dates for Married People or Those Who Engage in Premarital Sex.” Not all of them were about sex, but a handful of them involved the horizontal polka, so it looks like I’ll have to save those for when I get married. They aren’t all bad, though; some of them actually sound like fun ideas, like having a board game marathon or taking random snapshots of a day around the town or renting a rowboat, rowing out to the middle of the lake, and reading poetry to each other (I really like that one). For those of you who have significant others, what are some of your favorite cheap dates?

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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