Memories from the corners of my mind

I’m going home tomorrow! (Or later today, technically speaking.) I will get to see my friend Erin and her little baby on the way home, and then it’s family time! It’s been over two months since I’ve been home, and while I’ve certainly gone longer without seeing my parents, I’m really excited. Saturday morning I’m going to a wedding shower for my brother’s fiancee, Nikki. I still can’t believe my little brother is getting married. I remember when we used to have wrestling matches on the living room floor and “camp out” in his room. I remember one time when we wrestled and he started crying, and I thought I had killed him, and he kept saying his chest was hurting, and I was freaking out, and my parents ended up having to rush him to the emergency room. (That has to be the record for the most independent clauses in one sentence.) Turns out he had a gigantic gas bubble lodged in his chest or something random like that. I have no idea what made me remember that just now, but I hope you enjoyed that delightful walk down memory lane. It will be so weird when he and Nikki are married and living in their house. I hardly ever see him as it is, so I can only imagine how little I’ll see him when he moves out of my parent’s house, which will be the beginning of May.

Dang it, I’m kind of sad now. I’m going to go cry.

P.S. I really need a new “quote of the week” since the one I currently have is more like “quote of the semester.” If anyone has any favorite quotes they’d like to share, please submit them for consideration. I’ll pick my top 3 and then you can vote on them! Won’t that be fun?!

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