Just Like Middle School

I just had a 3-way call. I haven’t done that in years. In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever done it, but it was fun. Emily , Kristin, and I were planning our road trip from Seattle to Memphis. I have to say, I am incredibly excited about it. We know we’re going from Seattle to Cannon Beach, OR, then on to San Francisco to Las Vegas (yeah!), but then after that we’re just going to kind of wing it. We really think it would be fun to see some random landmarks or attractions, like the largest ball of twine or something like that, but we don’t know of any. (FYI: the largest balls of twine are in Kansas and Minnesota. Who knew?) Does anyone know of anything of interest in Nevada, Arizona, the Texas panhandle, Oklahoma, or Arkansas? No idea is too dumb or too crazy!

Best moment of Gilmore Girls tonight: Lorelai dumping her coffee all over Lane’s (huge and hideous) wedding dress. It was truly hilarious.

Because of GG, I wasn’t able to catch much of American Idol, but I did see Kellie, Taylor, and some of Paris. I’m still reeling from the shock of Kellie, of all people, singing “Bohemian Rhapsody,” but she actually wasn’t that bad. What was bad, however, was her inability to understand Simon’s use of the phrase “on paper.” Good grief!

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