EDIT 2: I was in Panera earlier doing some reading/research, and I tried to access xanga while taking a break, but the server wouldn’t let me because it deemed my xanga a site with “mature, adult content.” Huh?! I’ve been able to update before from there. I’m sure there probably is mature, adult content on xanga, but certainly not on my site.

EDIT: I just handed over all the web files to my partner. I’m through with my part, which was all of the design elements, fixing all of the technical bugs, making things uniform, etc. She’s going to edit all of the text and check the links, and then we will be done! That is, until the review board gets back to us and tells us what’s wrong with all of it. But for now, I’m done and I’m so excited! This project has sucked the life out of me for the past month, and I’ll be glad for a reprieve, even though my reprieve will be short since I have 50 pages of writing to do in the next four weeks. Awesome. But then my first year of grad school is over. I’m a survivor! Praise the Lord!!!

Did anyone else forget to set their clocks forward last night? What’s sad is that yesterday afternoon I reminded my roommate that it was daylight savings, and yet my mind completely forgot that fact between that time and the time I went to bed (which was late-stupid website). As I was cursing my idiocy this morning, I kept thinking, why in the world do we even have daylight savings? I really don’t get it. I decided that because I missed church this morning due to this, it clearly is a ploy of the devil for just such a purpose.

While we’re on the subject of things that baffle me, who first decided that women shouldn’t have hairy legs? It was probably a man. Grr. And who decided that shampoo and conditioner should be too different things? Hmm…

What baffles you?

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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