Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of spring. It’s sleeting here. Go figure. And now, a haiku:

Spring has come today.
The flowers are not in bloom.
Watch out for the ice.

EDIT: Another haiku because the library is a depressing place:

Alone we sit here
Taking in the books’ stale air,
Wanting to be done.

I’m glad that Diana, my study buddy, is here or otherwise I’d be completely miserable. I’ve seen a total of 5 people since I’ve been here, and 2 of those were in the campus store where I bought my Diet Pepsi. But we press on, motivating ourselves with the promise of About a Boy and Walk the Line after our day’s labor is through.

P.S. I did like Grey’s Anatomy, even though I kind of had no idea what was going on. George is completely adorable, Alex is a jerk, and blonde girl in love with the patient made me cry. (I forget her name?)

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