Idols and Gum Sculptures

Aww, I’m so sad that Gedeon was eliminated! (Thanks for the info, Stef!) He was way better than some of the other guys, he’s a Memphian, and he’s just so smiley. What’s not to love? And apparently one of my friends has his brother in her composition class, so it’s like I’m 3 degrees from Gedeon.

If Mandisa doesn’t become the next Idol, I’m never watching the show again. (And I say that every year I think, and yet here I am watching it again. Oh well.)

Ellen has the most random guests on her show. She just showed this clip of an elementary school teacher who can kick himself in the head with his foot. The guy demonstrated that, and then he proceeded to crush a can on his forehead, pop a balloon, and crack an egg, all with his foot. Then she had this guy who is a “gum sculptor,” and he “sculpted” a little dolphin and then a turtle using his mouth. I have a few questions about these people. First, how in the world do you discover that you can do something like sculpt things with your mouth? And two, how can I learn something like that and get on national TV?

I’m teaching later today. We’re talking about artistic depictions of religious deities, and I’m going to talk about my experience in Thailand and show them pictures of the Buddhist temples and shrines I visited. Should be fun.

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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