Cheaters Never Win

Calling all girls:  Have you had your heart broken by an unfaithful man?  Post his picture and a list of his misdeeds on the Internet!  I tried to go to the site and read some of the entries, but you have to have a user name, and I don’t care that much.  All jerks are the same; it’s the ones who aren’t jerks that are different and worth your time.

P.S.  I’m in no way implying that only males are jerks; on the contrary, females are equally as capable of being jerks, but it seems that males display their jerkiness more often or in ways that are much sleazier.

P.P.S.  Believe it or not, none of this is coming from personal experience.  All the guys I know are just idiots.  :winky:

EDIT:  For a glimpse into the mind of one guy who’s not an idiot, visit Moose Max’s site.

EDIT 2 (I’m totally procrastinating):  I’m so glad I didn’t take the SAT.  They screwed up some people’s scores.  Oops.  Just goes to show that technology isn’t foolproof.  (As if any of us had doubts about that.) 

And OH MY GOSH, Mandisa, one of the final 8 on American Idol, just admitted to the viewing public that she sucked her thumb until she was TWENTY-FOUR (that’s my age).  I don’t know if she’s brave or just stupid for confessing that.  Girl can sing, though. 

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