Hello, friends!  I had the world’s most perfect Saturday.  I went to Chattanooga (one of my favorite cities) with three girls, and we had such a blast!  (Two of the girls are from Florida and had never been, so it was fun to show them around.  One of them kept calling Chattanooga “Chattahootchie” because apparently that’s the name of a mental hospital that’s close to where she lived in Florida.)  I haven’t laughed that much in a loooong time, and it felt so good.  It was my first time to meet one of the girls, and we really hit it off, and I feel like I made a new friend.  I also was introduced to all kinds of great music, like Amos Lee, Missy Higgins, Buddy Guy, Marc Broussard, to name a few.  We also rocked out to Creedence Clearwater Revival, which was fabulous.  To end our day, we went back to her apartment (which is uber-cute and made me completely envious) and ate tons of junk food and watched Pride and Prejudice.  (The newer version.  Sorry, Kathleen and Jessica, but I like it.)  The weather was lovely, Chattanooga was lovely, the company was lovely.  Lovely.

I feel like I am in such a wonderful place right now.  God is beyond good.

EDIT:  I thought I’d provide a visual depiction of yesterday’s travels for your enjoyment.

This is downtown Chattanooga.  It’s really beautiful, and aren’t these trees gorgeous?  (I think they’re Bradford pear trees, but I’m not sure so if anyone knows, let me know!)

After we went through Ruby Falls, there was an observation deck, and that’s where I took this picture.  The letters are blurry, but it says “Lookout Mountain.”

A nice little panoramic shot of the valley.

Chattanooga from a distance.  Everyone should visit Lookout Mountain in the fall because the view of the city and the trees is spectacular.

On our way back downtown, I yelled and said that we must pull over and visit this place:

I kid you not, there is a tow truck museum on the outskirts of town.  Not only that, but it’s an international museum:




That’s the rest of the sign.  I couldn’t fit all of it in one frame, but it says “International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Musem.”  We really wanted to go inside, but it was closed.  Can’t imagine why; I woud have thought people would be coming to visit the museum in droves!

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