Gilmore Gab

It’s that time of the week, folks: Gilmore Girls recap! So, as briefly as possible, here are this week’s main events:

Lorelai and Christopher attend this journalism panel that Rory is apart of, and while there Lorelai offers to help Christopher with Gigi because he’s having trouble keeping nannies. Why Lorelai didn’t think to wonder why nannies don’t stay around is beyond me. Also in this scene: the world’s most forced laughter from a group of people.

Lane decides to advertise for a band because she misses playing, and Zach sees her flier, tears it down, and tracks down Brian and Gil to see if they want to get back together. Brian and Zack bond over some stupid video game, Zack makes nice, and the guys agree to reunite if Lane will come back. Zack promises to take care of Lane. Also in this scene: Gil performing this completely wacky version of “Hollaback Girl.” It was awesome.

Rory attends Logan’s sister’s wedding and gets roped into hanging out with Honor and the bridesmaids before the ceremony. These girls are the most vapid, ridiculous girls ever, and while they’re chatting it comes out that Logan “fooled around” with not one, not two, but THREE of the bridesmaids while he and Rory were broken up. (Oh, and girls, 1972 called, and it wants the hairstyles back.) Rory of course is completely flabbergasted and skips out on the wedding. When Logan finds her, he asks her what’s up, and she confronts him about his “indiscretions.” He acts all apologetic, saying she wasn’t supposed to know about that (like that makes it better) and that it “meant nothing” and he was hurt and depressed and lonely and blah blah blah. I’m sorry, Logan, but in the real world, sleeping with people is not a cure for loneliness or depression. He also says they were broken up at the time, but Rory says that she thought they were “on a break” (yes, they did make that tired Friends reference), since typically when a couple breaks up both parties know about it. Despite Logan’s insisting that he loves Rory, Rory’s having none of it and leaves, telling him she’s moving out.

Lorelai ends up watching Gigi, who has aged more than I think she should have since we last saw her, and she’s a little hellion. She wrecks Lorelai’s house, screams at the top of her lungs, and basically acts like a “feral hyena.” (That was Lorelai’s phrase, I believe.) When Christopher comes to get her, Lorelai tries to tell him that he needs to discipline her more. He flies completely off the handle, saying that she’s just a little feisty and that how he raises his daughter is none of her business (except you continually make it her business Chris, by always going to her for help the minute you can’t handle things), and the whole argument basically ends with him storming out in a rage. For the last time, Chris, GROW UP.

Zack shows up at Luke’s during Lane’s shift and asks to talk to her. He then launches into this completely adorable speech about how he “doesn’t feel good” at all since they broke up, and then I almost fall off the sofa when he asks Lane to marry him. She’s all like, “What?” (as is the rest of the viewing audience), but he says he’s thought about this, and he even has a ring that he got from a pawn shop. He says he knows it’s not what she deserves, but it’s all he could afford, and it’s sweet. Lane says yes, they hug, and the whole diner applauds. Aww.

After leaving Honor’s wedding, Rory ends up at a bar drowning her sorrows with alcohol. (Also not the cure for loneliness or depression.) While there, she runs into Doyle, who has been kicked out of the apartment by Paris, who has completely gone off the deep end. The two bond over how “love hurts” and they have an awkward moment where a drunken Doyle tries to kiss Rory. Rory puts a quick end to that, and retreats to the only place she knows to go: Paris’ apartment. The two experience a sweet reconciliation, bond over how “boys suck,” and Paris offers to let Rory move in.

Thoughts: First, Logan’s a jerk. But it’s not as though Rory hasn’t had her share of “indiscretions.” (Anyone remember Dean?) And I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the end of Rory and Logan, although I wonder what in the world Logan’s going to do to get her back. He pretty much exhausted his “forgive me” tactics with their last breakup.

Second, I can’t wait to see how Mrs. Kim responds to the engagement. She’s been a lot more mellow recently, but I can’t believe she’ll be all hunky-dory with Lane marrying Zack. But wouldn’t it just be like the writers to have Zack and Lane get married at the end of this season instead of Luke and Lorelai, the couple we’ve been waiting to see married for SIX SEASONS? (I wonder: would we perhaps see a Mr. Kim if Lane were to get married? Or at least find out why we never see him?)

I don’t like how Lorelai and Christopher have been thrown together so much recently, especially since things with Luke and Lorelai are so strained. I understand Lorelai’s willingness to help out with Gigi, since she’s successfully raised a daughter on her own. Furthermore, Luke’s unwillingness to include Lorelai in April’s life no doubt makes her feel useless, so helping Christopher with Gigi will help her feel needed, which I think is really important to Lorelai. Luke better wake up and get a clue soon, or I’m going to have to break up with him. I’ll do it, too!

That’s all for now! Have a great weekend, friends! I’m going on a little road trip tomorrow, so I’ll see you Sunday.

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