Mystery Gift

EDIT:  I’ve decided to observe Lent this year.  (For a good, concise overview of the tradition of Lent, visit Mary’s site.)  I really like the idea, and I think it will help me to stay focused on Christ.  After thinking long and hard about something I could give up that would really hurt to give up, I decided that fast food is it.  I eat fast food probably three times a week, usually because I either a) don’t feel like cooking, b) am in a hurry, or c) don’t feel like cooking.  I shudder to think of my clogged arteries and empty wallet, and I think that by eliminating fast food for Lent I’ll not only eat healthier, but I’ll be reminded of Jesus and His sacrifice for me a LOT because I crave McDonald’s french fries on a daily basis.  The only problem I’m having is deciding just what does and does not constitute “fast food.”  Is Quizno’s fast food?  What about Smoothie King?  Ice cream places?  So in order to limit confusion, I think I’ve determined that fast food is any place that has a drive-thru.  That seems to be a pretty good dividing line, don’t you think?  I’m up to other suggestions, if you have them!

So I go outside earlier to head to my composition class, and I see this on our doorstep.  Who’s leaving us random Christmas animals?  Come on, fess up!  :happy:

If we’re going to be getting random objects outside our door, why can’t they be something more along the lines of daisies or jewelry?  I like that much better! 

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