Tube Talk

I’ll post my thoughts on Gilmore Girls later after I allow the episode to “sit” a little. But I will say this: I totally didn’t see the whole Zach/Lane engagement coming! Of course, that could be because they haven’t even been communicating since the big fight and breakup. But Zach’s little “I don’t feel good” speech was completely adorable.

The new season of Amazing Race is on right now, and I am definitely rooting for the “nerds.” I cracked up during their interview near the beginning when he said, “She’s good at card games, and I’m good at taking tests.” Um, and these skills will help you on The Amazing Race how? You have watched the show, right? Still, they’re so unabashedly nerdy that I can’t help but love them, even though the odds of their winning are as good as the odds of my ending up on The Amazing Race. (Not that I wouldn’t love to be on it, but I wouldn’t last more than one episode.) The “Glamazon” women are getting on my nerves, and if they scream much more I’m going to reach through the TV and yank out their vocal cords. The hippie dudes kind of scare me, but I haven’t made any other firm opinions about the contestants yet.

I’m 99% sure I’m going to be making that road trip from Seattle to Memphis this summer. I believe it was the wise Lynette who said that I won’t look back on this year and think, “Man, I sure wish I’d taken that summer class and gotten a lame summer job.” But I know I would regret not making this trip. It will definitely be one for the history books, I do believe. Plus, the only 500-level class being offered this summer is going to be full term, which means it’s meeting from June 5-Aug. 10. Ew. No thank you!

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