Nerves of Jelly

I’m teaching for the first time at 2:30. I think I might throw up. What stinks is that the lesson is bound to be boring because we’re going to talk about the steps of writing a research paper. Unless I can come up with some sort of catchy rap before then, they’re all going to go to sleep. Oh well. At least they’ll get a good nap out of the deal.

I would also like to add that computers and I have a love-hate relationship. Meaning I love to hate them. I was really wanting to give you guys the link to the website I’m building, but we’re having all sorts of issues with the server and uploading, so I can’t. It looks mighty spiffy, though.

If you haven’t given me your feedback on the cross-country trip vs. summer school and job issue, please do, even though it’s pretty much unanimously in favor of the trip. So far, my parents are the only ones who aren’t crazy about the idea.

EDIT: Teaching went pretty well. The first class was a little chaotic, but the second one was good. Two of the students even told me I did a good job. (And then they made me pay them the $5 I promised if they said that.) I’m doing a little teaching on Monday as well, but I’m feeling much more confident now. Yay!

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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