Default Rejection

I was just on facebook because I’m spending yet another looong day in the Writing Center with no writers to help, and there was an ad for a Knoxville rejection phone number. Apparently, if someone asks you for your number and you don’t want him/her to have it, you give them this number instead. It basically does the rejection for you. It’s funny in a way, but I know that if I ever got that number, I would be completely depressed. Are we such cowards as a society that we can’t even tell someone we’re not interested in him/her?

No Gilmore Girls tonight. Booo. They’re showing Final Destination 2 instead. Could there be a dumber movie for them to show? I don’t know of anyone who’s just dying (haha, get it?) to see that movie instead of a fabulous show like GG. But I’m pumped because I’m going to watch some of the British version of The Office with my friend Diana instead. Good times. If you haven’t seen the British version, you’re really missing out. It’s stinkin’ hilarious.

P.S. The book I’m reading is hilarious. I’ll be sure to post some great excerpts from it later.

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