On Love and Gilmores

IT’S SNOWING! In Memphis! And I’m talking serious snowage, not just a few wimpy flurries. I think there’s probably 2 inches on the ground already. I must have brought snow with me from Knoxville!

Now, on to GG. This week, the Yale Daily News staff finally mutinied and dumped Paris overboard. Rory breaks the news to her as gently as possible, and then Paris goes out and gives this dramatic resignation speech. Classic Paris. So naturally, as I predicted, Rory becomes the new editor and all is hunky dory, until Rory arrives at her apartment to find all of her belongings in the hallway. An angry, betrayed Paris tells Rory she is no longer welcome at Hotel Gellar (my phrasing, not hers) and that she can’t believe Rory would stab her in the back like she did (or didn’t, Little Miss Paranoid). Paris needs to take a serious chill pill. And really, the girl is pre-med, so why has she been focusing so much on the paper anyway? A panicked Rory tries to find other available apartments, but conveniently enough, there aren’t any, so Logan asks her to move in with him. He says it will be “fun.” Oh Logan, you’re so clueless. And Rory agrees, leaving me with a feeling of deep apprehension.

Over at the elder Gilmores, Emily and Richard gang up on Lorelai and convince her to bring Luke to dinner next Friday, since he’s going to be a part of the family. When Emily pressures her about a date for the wedding, Lorelai, feeling pigeonholed, tells her it’s still June 3. Lorelai, Lorelai. Haven’t you figured out by now that lying to Emily always backfires? Or that lying in general always backfires? So Luke and Lorelai attend the next Friday night dinner, and Richard launches into this comical and slightly bizarre tirade about how the two of them need to make sure their insurance policies are updated. Richard also suggests that Luke get more confirmation that April really is his daughter, and after that I’m wondering if my original premonition is right and April will turn out not to be Luke’s daughter, after they’ve put Luke and Lorelai (and the faithful, but increasingly impatient fans) through all of this drama. Anywho, Luke and Lorelai are momentarily blindsided by the combined powers of Richard and Emily and leave the dinner waxing psychotic about their insurance, when Lorelai suddenly snaps out if, telling Luke he’s “been Gilmored.” Ha. So true. But Lorelai then points out that in spite of their crazy ramblings, Emily and Richard’s behavior indicates that they consider Luke and Lorelai’s relationship to be for real, and that their concern over the insurance in some way is a validation of their relationship. Interesting theory. And I hope she’s right because Emily’s snobbery toward Luke is digusting.

In an annoying turn of events, Lorelai asks Rory if she’s heard from Christopher lately and then is all miffed when it turns out Christopher (for once) has been leaving them alone. Lorelai suggests that Rory give Chris a tour of Yale, since he’s paying for it and all, and Rory agrees. The way Lorelai kept talking about Chris and her facial expressions are making me nervous. The Palladinos better not play the Chris card again. That game needs to be OVER.

Rory ends up giving Chris a tour of Yale, and he asks to see her apartment. Rory hedges a bit, reluctant to share her new living arrangements, but Chris is so insistent that she show him that she takes him to her new place. When they arrive at the (very nice) front door, Rory hurriedly fills him on the events that transpired to put her in Logan’s apartment, and Chris tries to act nonchalant. Rory asks him not to tell Lorelai because she’s planning on doing so later tonight, and Chris promises. Logan and Chris then bond over their respective bad boy pasts and their disposable incomes, and I throw up a little in my mouth. (Can you tell I’m neither a fan of Chris nor Logan?) After the three of them go out to dinner, Chris apparently was struck with amnesia because he immediately calls up Lorelai and rats out Rory, disregarding the promise he’d made earlier. Um, what? He didn’t even give the girl a chance to tell Lorelai! Why does he have to be such a brat?! Lorelai is obviously surprised by the news, but she promises Chris not to act like she knows. Rory beeps in while Lorelai and Chris are talking (see, Chris, she was going to tell her!) and Lorelai feigns surprise. She then tells Rory to let her know what it’s like “living with a boy,” which confuses me a little because correct me if I’m wrong, but Luke sleeps over like every night! Just because all of his stuff isn’t there doesn’t mean he’s not a real presence in the house. Come on, Lorelai, get real.

So that was this week’s episode. It was pretty good, but nothing incredibly spectacular. I’m curious to see what’s going on with Lane, since she hasn’t been around in a while. I also hope that this Christopher thing ends up being nothing. Predictions for the next few episodes: things with Luke and Lorelai will become tense because Luke’s going to find out she hasn’t canceled all the wedding plans, Emily will find out the wedding is postponed and be angry, Logan and Rory will see that living together isn’t all peaches and cream, and April will turn out not to be Luke’s daughter. I’m probably wrong about all of these, but oh well. There’s my two cents!

Now that I’ve probably lost all of you halfway through this rambling post, I’ll end it now. Happy Friday!

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