Aww, Kelly Clarkson just won a Grammy for best female pop vocalist! I’m so excited she won. And she was so cute when she accepted the Grammy because she was totally crying and so all of her words were coming out in this high-pitched, squeaky voice. I just love her because 1)she really does have talent, 2)she puts on a great live show, and 3)she seems really genuine.

Right now Coldplay is performing “Let’s Talk,” which is probably my least favorite song on their new album. I don’t know what’s up with Chris Martin, but he looks like a mountain man and he’s sounding really pitchy and yuck. Not to mention he’s acting like he’s on a drug trip. Weird. I’ve heard Coldplay is really good live, but I’m not impressed with this.

What’s funny about the Grammys is that almost always the awards they list as being awarded before the actual live show are the Christian music ones. Apparently Christian music’s not good enough to get any airtime. Granted, some of it really is lame, but not all of it is. Oh well, what do I know? (Don’t answer that.)

In other news, I’m feelling a little better today. I don’t feel dizzy when I stand up, which is a definite plus, and I actually had some solid food. (Yesterday nothing at all appealed to me, so all I had was a smoothie my sweet roomie brought me.) I also bought tickets to see Switchfoot in Nashville March 25! I’m going with my great buddy Diana, so it should be good times, and it will be a great end to Spring Break. We had a blast seeing Jason Mraz and Andrew Peterson, and I hear Switchfoot puts on a good show. I don’t know what my spring break plans are otherwise, but I really would like to do something besides go home. (No offense to you Memphis peeps.) We’ll see.

I’m also way excited about Greenwood coming to Knoxville in concert! And Memphis folks, they’re also coming your way so you really do need to check them out. They’re amazing! Support these fabulous indie artists! Visit their MySpace to sample some of their music. I’ll keep mentioning this until you do. (And while you’re at it, you can visit my MySpace.)

It’s back to the books for me! Leave me some love!

EDIT: Oh, and it’s SNOWING!!!! It’s so pretty!!! (And I promise that’s my last use of extraneous punctuation. Maybe.)

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