I just looked at my cell phone usage for this month, and I’ve talked a total of 1790 minutes in 15 days. That’s an average of almost 2 hours a day. (And I know who to blame for about 1200 of those minutes.) Thank goodness for free nights and weekends and IN calling! I never used to be a phone talker; in fact, I usually dreaded it because I think I do much better with face-to-face interaction, but since my friends are now spread out over the state and the country, face-to-face interaction is a little harder to come by, so I’m slowly learning the art of the phone conversation. I’m still not a great phone talker, but I guess I’m doing all right if I’m spending this much time on the phone. I hope that old urban legend about cell phones causing cancer isn’t true because I’d definitely be in trouble!

I don’t have anything especially witty or intelligent to say (not as if that’s anything new), but I just wanted to update because I’m working in the writing center and there’s currently no one in need of my editing skills. It’s going to be a sloooow night.

EDIT: The highlight of my time in the writing center was talking to this guy who looks exactly like Pedro (the guy from Napoleon Dynamite). I kid you not. He had the moustache, the appearance, and even the accent. Mike says I should have asked him if he’d taken his bike over any sweet jumps. Hehe.

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