Getting to Know Me (as if you wanted to know more)

Complete This Sentence

I am not: athletic, skinny, perfect, extroverted, or good at mathematics.

I hurt: when I hit my knee on the side of my bed every other day. Or when someone says something that makes me sad.

I love: Jesus, my family and friends, Gilmore Girls, all things purple (except for Barney), ice cream, peanut butter Twix, and late night phone conversations.

I hate: feeling inadequate or self-conscious.

I hope: that my life and words reflect Christ and that I will be in a marriage that makes me happy and brings glory to God. And I want a career that I love.

I hear: the sound of silence. 🙂

I crave: love, hugs, and Krispy Kreme donuts.

I cry: too much for my own good.

I care: too deeply about things that I shouldn’t care about, like what people think of me or what my future will be like.

I always: want to be right. It’s an obnoxious quality of mine, but it’s true.

I long to: survive graduate school, find a job at a liberal arts university, get married, write a novel, visit Sea World (seriously, for someone who loves dolphins as much as I do, it’s almost a crime that I’ve never been to Sea World).

I feel alone: when it’s late and there’s no one else around.

I listen to: anything but country and rap (and polka, I suppose).

I hide: behind my smile.

I drive: with the windows down and the stereo blaring as much as possible.

I sing: in the car, in the shower (quietly), all the time.

I dance: hardly ever.

I write: almost every day (at least in this little blog).

I play: cards, when I can get other people to play with me. Or board games. I also play the guitar, but it’s been a while since I picked it up, unfortunately.

I miss: swings, Thailand, and those summer nights when I was younger and we’d count fireflies in the backyard.

I search: the Internet Movie Database whenever I see someone in a movie and think, “What’s s/he been in?”

I learn: that I have much to learn every day.

I feel: sleepy, hopeful, and wistful.

I know: that I am fearfully and wonderfully made, but sometimes I forget it.

I fail: to see the depths of my sin and how much I grieve my Savior sometimes.

I dream: often, but I don’t always remember what I dream. I also have other life dreams, but I’m afraid to try and make them reality.

I sleep: whenever I get the chance!

I wonder: what it will be like to be in heaven forever.

I want: to learn the secret of being content in every situation.

I worry: far more often than I should.

I have: really really soft sheets.

I fight: pride, insecurity, jealousy, negativity, etc. etc.

I wait: very impatiently sometimes.

I need: to know deep deep down that my worth and satisfaction lies in Christ and Christ alone and that nothing this world has to offer will ever be enough.

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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