Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Thanks to those of you who prayed for my grandmother. Her surgery went relatively well, and she’s still in the hospital but is stabilized right now. They’re going to watch her for a few days to make sure there aren’t any complications since there’s always that risk with someone who is 80. She’s got some long-term adjustments to deal with, but she’s a trooper, so I think she’ll be fine. I sure hope so!

Last night I ended up going to The Comedy Zone with a couple of girls, and then we went back to their apartment and watched In Her Shoes, which is such a good movie. It makes me want a sister.

In other news, this whole cartoon mess with the Muslim community is out of control. Yes, the cartoons were possibly offensive, but everyone knows pretty much nothing is sacred in the world of journalism. If the Muslims are so offended by it and demand that the image of Islam be protected, then perhaps they can stop slandering the name of Christians and Jews. And the reactions of the Muslims haven’t exactly disproved the content of the cartoons. If anything, the violent outburts that resulted from the publishing of the cartoons, such as the burning of the Dutch embassy in Sudan, just confirms the fact that Islam is not the “religion of peace” ignorant people keep claiming it is. If Muslims want respect, then stop reacting in such volatile, hostile, and needlessly violent ways. And yes, I’m aware that not all Muslims are violent and hostile, but the fact that the ones who are get attention almost daily because of their radicalism does not help the cause of Muslims who just want to observe the more peaceful aspects of Islam.

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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