Apparently the era of the telegram is over as of January 27. I have neither sent nor received a telegram, and now I will never have the chance. Bummer. Of course, it’s really a miracle the practice of sending telegrams lasted as long as it did, since the Internet and email have revolutionized the way we communicate. I don’t actually have any smart commentary on this; I just thought it was interesting. (And for a wonderful post on the correct usage of semicolons, you can visit this site. It’s so refreshing to see someone writing about grammar. Or maybe it’s just sad he had nothing better to do. Kidding!)

For those of you who didn’t know, Coretta Scott King passed away yesterday. What really saddens me about this is the fact that I was able to find out that Lindsay Lohan cut herself and had to have stitches easier than I was able to find a news story about King on Yahoo. Not only that, but they had this great big banner about the Oscar nominations, and yet the King story wasn’t even one of the main links highlighted in the news section. I’m sorry, but when did stitches become news? I cut my leg shaving last week; can I get a news story about that? Oh wait, I’m not a celebrity, so of course no one cares about my injuries (even though it hurt)! And what’s that? You don’t care about Lindsay Lohan’s injuries? Me either! Who does? I mean, if she were in a coma, I could see that making the news, but stitches? Give me a break! Are we really so desperate for gossip that a story like that is featured? It really says something about the priorities of the American people. Not to mention that I would wager that more people are watching American Idol right now than watched the President’s State of the Union address last night. Yes, AI is vastly more entertaining (who doesn’t like laughing at people who are hopelessly deluded in believing they can be the next big thing?), but I think hearing what the President has to say is vastly more important. (Not that he really said anything new, but whatever.)

Read the news, people! Watch the news. Be informed. Did you know there was a shooting (by a woman, no less) at a post office in California on Monday that killed 7 people? Or that Alito was sworn in as the newest Supreme Court Justice? Sure, a lot of times it’s biased or one-sided, but it’s all we have, so empower yourself with knowledge!

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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