New Home

Apparently everyone in my subscription list decided to update their blogs yesterday (and for those of you who didn’t: where the heck are you??). Makes for good reading, and I promise I will get around to commenting sometime soon.

Anywho, I think I just may have found a new church home. And I owe it all to my sweet friend Sorina. And God of course. You know how sometimes you step into a church and it just feels like a family? That’s what this church felt like. It’s really unlike any other church I’ve ever been to, and I pumped about it! Praise the Lord for leading me there!

In other news, I saw King Kong Saturday night , and I have to say that I have not cried so much during a movie since I saw Titanic. I’m not even kidding. I wasn’t expecting to become so emotionally involved in this movie, but I did. Clearly there’s something wrong with me. If I wasn’t laughing, I was terrified, and if I wasn’t terrified, I was bawling. I was so tense that I had to go to the bathroom just to escape it for a minute, only to come back just as some guy was being swallowed by a big slimy thing. Nice. It was completely exhausting, but it’s a really great movie. One of my other friends was also bawling (both of us were making that ugly heaving noise that is so embarrassing if you’re in public), so I didn’t feel quite so ridiculous. However, I do realize that admitting that I cried about a giant CGI creature opens me up to mockery, so mock away. I don’t care, it was great! I’ll probably watch it again, too. At least then I’ll know what’s coming.

Currently watching: The Ellen DeGeneres show, where this completely adorable little girl is about to sing a song with all the states in alphabetical order. Alabama is her favorite state because “gramma and grampa live there.” Awww.

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