This week on Gilmore Girls…

We open on Luke and Lorelai fast asleep but quickly awakened by loud clanging bells. They jolt upright, find out it’s 3:12, and hear Kirk yelling that there’s a town meeting. Right now. At 3:12 a.m. I know this town is kooky, but come on. Who calls a town meeting at 3 a.m.? More importantly, who would actually show up to a town meeting at 3 a.m.? (The best part of this ridiculous opener is when, after Kirk’s announcement, Lorelai immediately says, “Okay, let’s go” at the same time Luke is rolling over to go back to sleep, like normal people do, unless they’re nocturnal.) In Stars Hollow, a lot of people, that’s who. Turns out Taylor called the meeting because he’s snowed in at his sister’s and therefore won’t be in Stars Hollow to run the annual winter carnival. He announces this with great fanfare, obviously expecting shocks of dismay, but he is met with silence. The problem is quickly resolved with Kirk agreeing to take over. (Which in my opinion is never a good idea. Anyone remember the egg fiasco from season 4?)

Switch to the diner the next morning. A very chipper Lorelai babbles excitedly about how much work she’s already gotten done, and she even got to see the first hour of Matt and Katie, which has never happened. (Never happened for me either. No way am I getting up that early.) Luke is noticeably tired and distracted (he pours Lorelai two separate cups of coffee), and methinks more than a few hours of lost sleep is the cause.

In Yaleland, Rory returns to the ghettofied apartment to find flowers from Logan all over the place. Paris of course tells her to deal with this floral flood (clever, huh?), and Rory’s all flustered and irritated, with due cause. Then another delivery comes, this time one of “fancy fruit.” Good grief.

Back in kooky town, we see Luke in a park meeting up with April. They sit on a bench after a cute but awkward greeting, April asks why he wanted to meet there, and Luke said he thought kids liked parks. She replies astutely, “It’s 41 degrees out. Not exactly peak park season.” I have to say, as much as I hate this whole daughter-out-of-the- woodworks storyline, April’s cute. A little too Rory-like, but cute. After informing April that he wants to see her on a weekly basis, Luke asks what she likes to do, and she lists the typical 12 year-old activities: Morse code and pen pals from Bangalore. Hee. He says, “I’m not sure I’d be help with any of that.” Aw. Turns out what April would really like is to come to the diner. Because diners are the most fascinating places ever. Right. Luke looks less than thrilled with this little arrangement, but what’s he going to do, tell his newly found daughter no? No. SOS, Luke. Trouble ahead!

Cut to the Dragonfly Inn, where Kirk is pestering Lorelai (as usual) and Lorelai greets a group of maple syrup tasters. Because there’s lots of those around (believe me, I did a Google search). This scene was kind of pointless, so moving on.

Ah, the Yale Daily News. We see Paris reaching a new level of insanity, hovering over the desks of the writers, correcting their stories, and creating a board with everyone’s names and colored magnets that correspond to what the staff member is doing. Purple for at home, orange for outside the office, etc. It saves “extraneous glancing,” says Paris. Oh, Paris. After looking at this new system in disbelief, Rory leaves the newsroom only to be accosted by a guy with a coffee cart who informs her he’s been paid to follow her around all day and provide her with whatever coffee beverage she wants. Rory tries to shoo him away, but he insists he has to follow her and that he’s already been paid. Rory says, “Fine” in a voice that indicates it’s not fine, and she and coffee dude exit.

Later on, Luke’s on the phone with April’s mother Anna, trying to get out of the plans he just made with April. He’s totally nervous and uncomfortable, but instead of being upfront with Anna and just telling her he still needs to tell people about April, he’s vague and says that the diner will be busy, people will be “swooshing around,” and there will be pans of hot grease. Anna shoots down all of his excuses, but he keeps pushing until he finally says that day just won’t work. She says, “No, it doesn’t work that way. There’s no great time to be a parent, you just are one. If you’re going to make plans to be with my daughter and then cancel, then our deal is canceled.” Luke then backpedals, saying he doesn’t want that at all and he’ll see April tomorrow. After he hangs up the phone, he looks worried, and rightfully so, since he STILL HASN’T TOLD LORELAI. Sheesh, men can be dense.

Since this is already long and I haven’t even gotten to the juicy stuff yet, I’m stopping here. I’ll continue the rest tomorrow. (If I get some comments, that is! Hehe.)

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