Okay, so I’m totally drowning in readings and can’t provide the GG update that I would like, but I promise one will be forthcoming, probably tomorrow after all of my classes or on Friday, when I have no classes at all! Let me just say that if you didn’t see it, you can be glad you were spared the frustration, anger, and dismay I felt upon hearing Luke postpone the wedding. Yes, that’s right, the wedding is postponed. It was Lorelai’s stupid idea, but you could tell when she suggested it that she didn’t mean it, but Luke was all like, “That would be great.” What??? It makes no sense to me whatsoever that Luke would want to postpone the wedding when he was the one saying things like, “When we get married? When’s that going to happen?” just a few episodes ago. Grrr. This season is without a doubt the most inconsistent and frustrating one yet, and all I can say is the Palladinos need to get their act together.

Still no snow. Booo. I’m moving to Alaska. Oh, and what’s up with Spazz Boy making it to Hollywood on American Idol? Did anyone see him? He was ridiculous, and he wasn’t even good. Plus, he’ll totally get cut in the first round. Good grief.

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