Stranger Things Have Happened

A strange thing happened to me today: I had fun in class. All 3 of them. I even laughed. How marvelous! Long live academia!

EDIT: Okay, I just want to say that I don’t want to read any more blogs about snow. Until I get some, that is. It’s completely not fair that everyone in Memphis and Jackson got snow today, and all we have is lots and lots and lots of rain. Granted, it’s forecasted (can I make forecast a verb? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it as such, but oh well) to turn to snow sometime in the night and remain as flurries in the morning, but it’s only like the 80th time they’ve predicted snow and none has come. Boo.

And yes, as Beth pointed out in her comment, there is quite the dilemma tonight. Gilmore Girls and American Idol come on at the same time. While I lost a lot of faith in American Idol when Latoya London was wrongly eliminated, I still love the audition shows. They are by far the best. But there’s also a “fresh” episode of GG! What’s a girl to do??

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