I’m excited about my classes! They’re going to be challenging and tons of work, but I’m interested in them, so it’s great. It feels sooo much better than last semester already, praise the Lord! Plus, my hair was a huge hit. Even guys complimented me. I wanted to be like, “There’s more where that came from.” HA. I should get new haircuts more often.

So I’m watching this show Beauty and the Geek, and it’s completely cracking me up. I haven’t quite decided exactly how I feel about it because I don’t love the category of “beauty” or “geek” because they instantly limit a person’s identity to that, but it seems to be promoting healthy dialogue between people who otherwise probably would never talk to each other. For example, they were all sitting around the table at breakfast, and some of the guys were talking about how they just don’t have the confidence to approach girls, and some of the girls were like, “Do you think we were thrilled about being in that bathing suit earlier? I felt totally self-conscious. Every girl does. But you have to get beyond that.” It’s true, too. Everyone is self-conscious about something, but you can’t let it cripple you. Is anyone else watching this? Thoughts?

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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