Well, I’m back in Knoxville! All holed up in my little empty apartment, my down throw tucked around my legs, Gilmore Girls playing in the background. All is right in the world. I don’t start classes until the 11th, so I have some time to unpack, take down the Christmas tree (I hope I can get it back in the box), buy my books, and of course, be a complete couch potato.

On my drive back here I pondered something: why is it that people vandalize bathroom stalls? I mean, really, does anyone care if “PJ wuz here 9-13-5”? No. What are we supposed to do when we see that PJ was there, congratulate them? “Hey, good job, PJ. So glad you’re a big girl and can use the bathroom.” I also don’t understand the insults. Making statements like “all white girls are sluts” on a bathroom wall isn’t exactly going to rock the world, you know? Why bother? And who has time for that sort of thing, anyway? When I use a public bathroom, the only thing on my mind is getting in and getting out, no time for thinking up not-so-clever or unique insults to write on the wall. So please, the next time any of you think about vandalizing a bathroom wall (and I’m hoping that none of you reading this actually think about that), realize this: no one cares what you have to write on the bathroom wall!

Okay, rant over! Have a lovely evening!

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