2005 in Review

Since I’m a shameless follower, I’m going to take the lead of several others who have listed their favorite memories/highlights of the year. I was going to try and list one for each month, but really, my life’s too boring. So here’s a random list of the best of my year, or the most memorable (memorable after all doesn’t always mean wonderful, but still worthy of noting):

1. Making my debut as a guitar player at BBC in January. It was my first live performance, and it probably will be my only live performance, not because I got booed off stage or anything (although that would have been understandable), but because I haven’t picked up the guitar in months. That’s pretty sad, actually. But I’m not here to list regrets of 2005, so moving on).

2. Applying to and being accepted to graduate school. This of course was a long and stressful process that fortunately had a positive outcome-UT was brave enough to accept me and pay me to go to school. (I won’t dwell on the schools who weren’t so brave. I’m not here to list the dumbest schools of 2005, either.)

3. Visiting my dearest friend in the world, Emily Vassar, in Seattle. I got to see one of my other friends get married while I was there, Em and I had lots of good girl talk time, and I fell in love with the city. I want to go back. (I won’t mention the temporary anxiety that losing my luggage caused, since it was eventually recovered. I’m not listing the worst moments of 2005.)

4. My parents selling our house of 20 years and moving to north Bartlett. This was quite traumatic for me, as long time readers of my blog may recall, but it was good for me to go through that change, and my parents are so happy in their new house that I can’t hold it against them.

5. Making the trip from Bartlett to Knoxville and back in one day. My roomie Elizabeth accompanied me on this little adventure, and it was a great chance for us to bond, listen to some great music, and laugh about my poor navigational and driving skills. (I won’t mention the asinine reason for this marathon trip, since I’m also not listing the year’s lamest excuses for a road trip.)

6. Settling into my very first apartment. It has been so great to have a place to call home in Knoxville, and I am so blessed to have a roommate like Liz to make it even more homey. We got to decorate things the way we wanted, and we even had our own Christmas tree. I look forward to more memories in our little nest.

7. Spending the weekend in Nashville with my friend Diana. Diana is my closest friend in Knoxville, and we had a blast in Nashville seeing Jason Mraz in concert, watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and attending the Andrew Peterson Christmas concert. Not to mention the excellent dinner we had that Sunday night at Amerigo’s. It was the perfect weekend.

8. Attending a UT home game. Liz and I were fortunate enough to get front-row seats, and even though I don’t even like football all that much, it was really exciting to be among all of the rabid, insane fans.

9. Going to a poetry slam. Most of the adventure involved with this particular event involved just getting there, as my friends and I couldn’t seem to find the place where the slam was taking place, and then when we finally got there, thinking we were so late, there was virtually no one there (except the performers), and we ended up sitting in this rather shady bar alone for a good hour and a half. We had a blast, though, and the poetry slam was awesome, especially since we got to be judges.

10. Attending youth camp in July. I had a great time hanging out with some awesome members of the youth group, hearing some truthful, hard-hitting preaching, and getting in a little beach time. I went on this trip right before I moved, and it was a great way to end my time in Bartlett.

Honorable mentions: Getting my hair chopped off (which was kind of nerve-racking but a good change), teaching Sunday School, watching The Wizard of Oz outside in Market Square, my birthday celebration at P.F. Chang’s and the club whose name I don’t remember, and seeing Kelly Clarkson in concert.

Wow, not a bad year. It seemed pretty bad at times, but there have been so many blessings that I hope that when I look back on 2005, I remember the good and not the bad.

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