The Year’s Best Music

Since the end of the year is fast approaching, I thought I’d make a list of my personal favorite albums of 2005.  All of these were released this year, and even though there are many more that I could list, these are the cream of the crop, in my opinion.  Obviously, since they’re my favorites I think you all should own each of them.  (And by “own” I mean “purchase with money,” not “download for free”.)  In case you want to download some individual songs on iTunes or a comparable service, I’ve taken the liberty of listing my favorite songs from each of the albums to get you started.  Here they are, beginning with my favorite of the year:

1.  Bethany Dillon, Imagination: I can’t get enough of Bethany Dillon.  She’s quickly becoming my favorite artist.  I can listen to this whole CD straight through and then start all over again and not even mind.  Personal favorites: “Hallelujah,” “My Love Hasn’t Grown Cold,” and “Be Near Me.”
2.  Nichole Nordeman, Brave:  Nichole’s one of my heroes: she’s a fabulous singer who writes with passion, conviction, and honesty.  My personal favorites from the album: “Lay It Down,” “Brave,” and “Hold On.”
3.  Jason Mraz, Mr. A-Z:  He’s just such a witty songwriter, and all of his songs are so different.  Personal favorites: “Life is Wonderful” (probably one of my favorite songs EVER), “Geek in the Pink,” and “Song for a Friend.”
4.  Coldplay, X&Y: While not my favorite Coldplay album (I think the second one will always be my favorite), this one is still praiseworthy, if not all that groundbreaking.  Personal favorites: “Fix You,” “What If?” and “Swallowed in the Sea.”
5.  David Crowder Band, A Collision:  DCB is so innovative, so fresh, and so fun.  I just love this CD.  Personal favorites:  “Here is our King,” “Foreverandever etc.” and “Beautiful Collision.”
6.  Switchfoot, Nothing is Sound:  Another album I can listen to straight through and then start it again.  Personal favorites: “Lonely Nation,” “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine,” and “The Blues.”
7.  The Afters, I Wish We All Could Win:  This new group has a tight, polished sound and excellent lyrics.  I hope they continue making a name for themselves.  Personal favorites: “Beautiful Love,” “Someday,” and “Wait.”
8.  Jack Johnson, In Between Dreams:  This was my intro to Jack Johnson, and I must say, I love him.  He’s great for mellow, rainy afternoons or just about any other time.  Personal favorites:  “Banana Pancakes, “Better Together,” and “Sitting Waiting Wishing.”
9.  Lifehouse, Lifehouse:  Seeing Lifehouse live only increased my appreciation for them.  Personal favorites: “Blind” (the music video interprets the song in a way I hadn’t even considered), “You and Me,” and “Undone.”
10.  Todd Agnew, Reflection of Something:  I have to say that this isn’t my favorite album of Agnew’s, but it has some of my favorite songs on it, so it makes the cut.  Personal favorites:  “My Jesus” (these lyrics are incredible), “Isaiah 6,” and “Something Beautiful.”

What are your favorites?

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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