‘Tis the Season to Watch Movies

I thought today might be as good a day as any to list my top favorite movies to watch during the holiday season. They are not all specifically about Christmas, but Christmas is in all of them, so that’s good enough. No holiday season is complete without watching these movies, in my not-so-humble opinion.

5. A Christmas Story: My entire family dreads the day that TNT runs this movie for 24 hours straight, but I absolutely love it. It’s such a classic. Favorite scene: when the fam goes to the Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner after the dogs devour the turkey.

4. While You Were Sleeping: No matter how many times I watch this movie, I get all teary-eyed when Lucy, Sandra Bullocks character calls off the wedding and then talks about how much she loves Peter’s family because she hasn’t had a family of her own for a long time. Sniff sniff. And of course I totally fell in love with Bill Pullman’s character and the fact that he gave her that stamp in her passport.

3. Sleepless in Seattle: This is a great movie to watch anytime, but for some reason I love watching it around Christmas. So many quotable lines, and Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together is just fabulous. Favorite scene: It’s hard to choose a favorite, so I’ll go with the scene that makes me giggle every time–the one where Rita Wilson’s character is talking about An Affair to Remember (which I never thought was that great) and gets all weepy, so then Tom Hanks and Victor Garber (whom I LOVE) start talking about a movie (Dirty Dozen, I think?) and fake cry, and Victor Garber ends it by saying, “God, I love that movie.” Hee.

2. Little Women: This is one example of a great adaption of a book. I love the 1994 version best, but I haven’t seen all of the other versions. It’s just so heartwarming and full of lovely cinematography, and I cry every time I watch it. Favorite scene: The ending. It’s just perfect, with Jo and Professor Bhaer standing in the rain, alive with the realization of their love. And then after Friedrich says he has nothing to offer her, that his hands are empty, she places her hands in his and says, “Not empty now.” Awwww. I love it. (A close second favorite scene is when Friedrich and Jo are at the opera, Friedrich translates for Jo, they almost kiss, are interrupted, then kiss for real. So sweet!)

1. White Christmas/Holiday Inn: I had to put both of these in the number one spot because I love them both equally. They’re both musicals, both have Bing Crosby, and both feature the song “White Christmas.” What more could you want?

What are your favorite holiday movies?

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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