I took my final. It was hard. I feel like I studied all the wrong things. I hope I at least will manage a B for the class. Any lower, and I’m dead. I’ve never gotten a B in an English class before. Boo. But at least I’m done!! And I turned in a project for my research class, so all that’s left is to finish my Old English project by Tuesday, which I think I can do.

Now I must you bid you adieu for the weekend, friends. I am going to Nashville for the weekend with Diana, and here are just some of the awesome things we are going to do:

Tonight: Jason Mraz in concert, 2nd row seats
Tomorrow: Chronicles of Narnia, Christmas shopping
Sunday: Dinner at Amerigo’s, which Diana says is the best Italian food ever, and then Andrew Peterson in concert at the Ryman Auditorium

Aren’t you jealous? But really, after the h-e-double hockeysticks that was the past two weeks, I deserve it! Have a great weekend!!!

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