He was injured; he was injured bad…

Okay, so Rachel posted a link to a hilarious video that I think you all should watch. Seriously, click that link. You won’t regret it. My friend showed it to me last week at school, and we were laughing so hard people came to see what all the ruckus was about.

In other news, I think my brain might explode. I’ve been studying for two days straight for my theory final. I know it seems like all I talk about is my theory class, but that’s only because it absorbs all of my energy. The final is tomorrow, and then I will finally be done with theory forever!! I can’t even tell you how much that excites me. Some people get all riled up and energized by literary theory, but it makes me want to a) throw up, b) throw things or c) throw in the towel. (Did you like my little parallelism there?) Tomorrow after 12:15 I can say, “Adios, theory!” Not that I won’t ever have to use it again because I totally will, but at least I won’t have to read all those dreadful primary texts. Hallelujah!

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